• Presidential Package

    Hand wash and remove all bugs & road tar, Clean wheels and wheel wells, Clay buff exterior, Buff exterior paint to remove light surface scratches, Dress tires and wheel wells, Hand Wax to seal & protect paint. Interior Vacuum thoroughly Clean all cracks & crevices, Armorall dashboard, door panels and console. Clean & Condition leather/vinyl. Steam clean carpets & upholstery. Clean outer windows and all interior windows, Vacuum Trunk.(call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Exterior Detail

    Hand wash and remove all bugs & road tar. Clay buff exterior. Hand wax exterior paint. Clean and Dress tires and wheel wells. Clean door jambs & detail all cracks and crevices, Vacuum interior, Clean windows & Air freshener (call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Mini Detail

    Hand wash, Clean wheels & wheel wells, Dress tires & wheel wells, Light exterior buff & hand wax, Clean door & trunk jambs, Vacuum trunk and floor mats, Steam clean Mats, Clean windows in & out. (call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Interior Detail

    Clean door jams, shampoo carpets and floor mats, shampoo seats - clean and dress leather seats, clean headliner, vents, windows and all cracks and crevices. (call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Headlight Restoration

    As headlights age and are exposed to the elements, they can become dull, hazy and simply not perform like they were when new. Our 3 step headlight restoration process includes wet sanding, buffing, and polishing your headlights to bring back their crystal clear finish. Not only will they look great, but they will perform much better during low light, or night time driving. (call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Window Tinting

    A perfect Detail offers window tinting in various shades. Our professional tint installers will ensure a flawless installation every time. (call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Burn-Hole Repair

    Accidentally drop a lit cigarette or burning ash on your seats or upholstery? Not a problem, A Perfect Detail offers burn-hole repair for all makes and models with cloth or fabric seats. We stock various colors of repair materials to ensure a perfect color match for your vehicle. (call for scheduling and pricing)

  • Odor Elimination Teatment

    A Perfect Detail offers Odor Elimination Treatments for all type of vehicles. Our process does not mask odors with air fresheners or perfumes, it neutralizes odors at the source with the use of an ozone generator. The device neutralizes odors by killing the bacteria that cause these foul odors. This treatment is perfect for getting tobacco, food, and/or pet odors out of a vehicle. (call for scheduling and pricing)