A Perfect Detail has been in business now for 6 years at this location. The owner, Adam Saggese, has been in the car business for over 15 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge about the industry to the business, however more importantly, he is someone who prides themselves on customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the work, Adam will make every effort to ensure that the end result meets your standards. His work ethic, emphasis on customer satisfaction and attention to detail is what makes his business so successful.

If you have any questions about services, you can contact Adam directly at 781-245-0674 or email at adam.saggese@gmail.com.

Testimonials: March 5,2015 Adam, It is not very often that I come across people who really care about their customers. You never take your customers for granted which is the reason my son and I come to your shop. I knew that my car was dirty but I did not realize how dirty it actually was until I saw it after you did your usual top quality job. It is so good to do business with someone like you and your crew. - John Elia, another satisfied customer.